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New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

The New York City Central Labor Council (CLC) is the coordinating organization for NYC’s labor  movement.  With 1.4 million members and over 400 affiliates, the  CLC is the nation’s largest labor council.  The CLC is the center of  the movement’s centralized political and social activities.

Through collective bargaining, labor unions are able to insure fair wages, workplace safety, and health and retirement benefits for their members.  Across the city, labor leaders of the Central Labor Council are a leading voice for progressive policies on a living wage for working men and women, education, housing, economic development and environmental sustainability. 

Continuing a long history of training, education and apprenticeship programs, today’s labor movement is helping to create a workforce that will meet the challenges of our 21st century economy. In the Jobs to Build On program, the CLC is working with its affiliated unions to create new industry training and job placement programs. 

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