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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use these services? 
A. Simply register online to access the training or preparation classes you want.  Choose you course and borough and contact them by phone to get the next available orientation. 

Q. Is there any charge for the services?
A. No.  The Jobs to Build On program (JtBO) and CWE services are publicly funded and are offered to you at no cost.  The JtBO is sponsored by the Black and Latino and Asian Caucus of the New York City Council. 

Q. Who is eligible for service? 
A. You must be a NYC resident over the age of 18.  For job training and placement services, you must be unemployed, underemployed (making less than $10.70 per hour).  For educational classes (GED, ESL, computers, etc.), there are no restrictions. 

Q. Where are these services offered?
A. Job training, preparation and placement courses are offered in each borough, all you have to do is register and you will find the services nearest you. 

Q. When are these services available?
A. It depends on your choice.  Courses are available days and evenings.  Times and start dates will vary with each organization. 

Q. Is there job placement assistance at the end of training?
A. All service providers provide job placement assistance and preparation for program graduates at no cost. 

Q. Can I access more than one service? 
A. Those that need or want to can take multiple services at once, as long as they are complimentary, such as a career training course and workforce preparation class. 

Q. How is the CWE funded?
A. The funding for the Consortium’s education and training programs come through a variety of New York State agencies and the New York City Council.